Unleash Your Brand’s Potential

Unleash Your Brand’s Potential


Travel Agencies Digital Marketing: Strategies To Grow Your Travel Agencies Brand

Travel agencies can be a very profitable business model and digital marketing is how make sure you grow.
Digital Marketing for Travel Agencies
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Travel Agencies Digital Marketing: Strategies To Grow Your Travel Agencies Brand

Travel Agencies – Do you think post-pandemic is a good time to start a travel agency? Great thought! Travel agencies help millions of people to booking their flights, tours, and hotels, among others. In addition, travel agencies also help travelers with travel insurance. Some large travel agencies can also arrange partnership marketing and currency exchange.

This post about travel agencies brands gives you the lowdown on starting a travel agency and promoting it into a successful business.

What are Travel Agencies and What is a Travel Agencies brand

Agencies, whether public or private, that provide travel-related services are called travel agencies. This can include arranging transportation, tours, trips, and accommodation during travels. Furthermore, travel agencies also provide tourism-related services, including activities during travel and arrangements with luggage logistics.

A travel agency brand may be a retail travel agency or a wholesale travel agency. Travel agency brands typically represent the company or the person who starts the company.

Can Travel Agencies make a profit?

Yes. Travel agencies make a lot of profit. Travel agencies typically generate up to 78% of revenue from commissions. In addition, they also make up to 22% of their revenue from service charges.

According to recent data, up to 43% of travelers book their travel arrangements through travel agents. Globally, the tour and the travel industry is estimated at $183 billion currently. Besides, the online travel market is projected to hit $1,091 billion by 2022.

How does Travel Agencies business survive in a pandemic?

The pandemic of Covid-19 seriously impacted every industry, including travel and tourism. According to statistics, the global travel industry revenue for 2020 was projected at $712 billion. However, it decreased by 34% to $447 billion, which is a massive difference.

But according to one survey, up to 82% of travelers say they are more confident and ready to travel in 2021. The same survey also reveals that up to 28% of travelers desire to travel internationally. This means that the travel industry is thriving and ready to take off post-pandemic which is great news for travel agencies.

How to Start a Travel Agency

The basics on how to start a travel agency look like this:

Travel Agencies Brand - How to Start a Travel Agency Step by Step | Inquivix
  • Step 1 – Narrow down the travel niche Some niches in the travel industry include cruise, beach holidays, snow sports, spa getaways, destination weddings, corporate travels, and honeymoon packages.
  • Step 2 – Establish a legal entity.  The next step is to establish a legal entity for your travel agency business. This includes finding a suitable name for your agency and deciding the type of business. You can choose between LLC, partnership, sole proprietorship, and corporation.
  • Step 3 – Formulate a business plan and financials.  Here, you will decide whether your travel agency needs a business partner. A business plan for a travel agency will also include whether you need a loan to finance your startup. You also need to set up separate accounts and credit cards for your travel agency.
  • Step 4 – Marketing your travel agency.  This starts with getting a website for your travel agency business. Setting up a social media account for your travel agency is also a mandatory and efficient strategy to create awareness for your brand.
  • Step 5 – Be consistent  After your travel agency is in place and running, your clients will hopefully be coming to do business with you. Show up, and your customers will be happy with you. A satisfied customer is also your best advertisement.

Travel Agencies brand Promotion Strategies

Brand promotion strategies for your travel agencies effectively establish your business and rise above the competition. It can help your travel agency in the following ways:

  • Increase customer’s awareness about your travel agency.
  • Customers learn about your agency’s packages, pricing, availability, etc.
  • Establish your brand name as a credible business in the industry.
  • The brand promotion also builds trust in your customers about your company.

Travel Agencies Content Strategy

As a travel agency, content strategy can excel and show what is special about you and your company. With the right content strategy, you also have a chance of upgrading your marketing plans.

Here’s how content strategy can help your travel agency business:

  • It builds confidence among your potential clients.
  • Original and organic content generates more traffic.
  • It also allows you to understand what is working and what needs improvement.
  • It helps generate leads and improves ROI.
  • Content strategy is also more cost-effective than traditional marketing by up to 62%.

Branding Development

Branding development is another key component to stand out from the competitors.

  • Logo creation – Your travel agency logo is the first thing that creates a connection between you and the customers. So make it good.
  • Stationary creation – Choose the right typography, color, and design to make your agency unique and with personality.
  • Promotional tools creations – Several online tools are available where you can create a travel agency logo. Placeit has some of the best templates and ideas.

Online Presence

To promote and establish your travel agency online, you will also need a website. Create a travel agency website with great design, speed, user-friendly interface, and compatibility across PCs, phones, and tablets.

It should also include your company profile, portfolios, pictures, and FAQ section, among others.

Social Media Marketing for Travel Agencies Brands

Social media marketing for travel agencies can be an effective tool. Statistics show that there is 3.7 billion social media user all over the world. So if you want your travel agency to reach a wider audience, social media marketing is your best bet.

SEO for Travel Agencies

As you start building your travel agency brand and create content for your website, SEO is another element that can transform your business. To optimize your content and website, consider the following components:

  • Creating original content consistently
  • Adding meta descriptions as well as title tags
  • Keyword research
  • Content planning
  • Link building

Paid Advertising (PPC) for Travel Agencies

PPC or pay-per-click through Google Ads, Search Ads, Display Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and TikTok Ads, can build your travel agency in no time. It targets your audience, generates traffic to your site, and reaches a wider audience.

Other Strategies to Boost Your Travel Agencies and Digital Marketing Funnel

  • Lead magnet creation – Leads magnets to motivate your clients and also builds trust.
  • Landing page creation – The landing page of your travel agency website needs a fantastic layout, great design, and spectacular photography, among others.
  • Email drip marketing – Statistics show that email marketing is up to 40% more effective than other forms of marketing. So don’t underestimate email marketing to promote your travel agency.

Top Travel Agencies Brands: 5 Best Businesses You Can Learn

Expedia Group

Travel Agency Brand - Expedia Group

Expedia Group, Inc. operates as an online travel agency offering products and services to both leisure and corporate travelers.

Expedia operates through several business segments, including the Core Online Travel Agency which provides a variety of travel and advertising services to customers worldwide.

Expedia operates several hotel booking websites, including Hotels.com, Hotwire.com, and Orbitz.

Additionally, it owns Vrbo (formerly known as HomeAway), Trivago and CarRentals.com

Booking Holdings

Travel Agency Brand - Booking Holdings

Booking Holdings, Inc. is an American company organized in Delaware with headquarters located in Norwalk, CT. It owns and operates several travel aggregators and meta-search sites such as Bookings.com, Priceline.com, Agoda.com, Kayak.com, Cheapflights, and Open Table.

In 2019, Booking Holdings website customers booked 845 million room nights of accommodation, 77 million rental car days, and 7 million airplane tickets.

Rankings put the company 216th in 2019 on the Fortune 500 list of largest US companies by revenue.

BCD Travel

Travel Agency Brand - BCD Travel

BCD Travel was founded in 2006 when BCD Group announced it had purchased TQ3 Travel Solutions Management Holding GmbH and a majority interest of The Travel Company.

These two companies were combined with WorldTravel BTI under one ownership to form BCD Travel. The company formally began trading under its new brand on March 31, 2006.

BCD Travel has its global headquarters in Utrecht and regional headquarters in Atlanta, London, and Singapore.

BCD Travel provides travelers with a variety of services to keep them safe and productive, while also providing ways for people to make the best choices for themselves when they’re on the road.


Travel Agency Brand - CWT Travel

CWT (formerly Carlson Wagonlit Travel) is a business and event management company that manages travel, conferences, exhibitions, and other meetings.

This company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and reported US$23 billion in total transaction volume last year. It ranks 5th on the list of top-earning travel companies published by Travel Weekly.

The company is well-known for running the top-tier B2B travel management platform that offers business travel and technology services in 145 countries.

Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG)

Travel Agency Brand - FCGT

The Flight Centre Travel Group is an Australian travel agency, and it was founded in 1982. It has its headquarters in Brisbane, Australia.

FCTG operates in a number of countries around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Hong Kong, and India. It has licensed its name to another 80 countries from China to Singapore.

The company operates in the United States under Liberty Travel, Travel Associates, and GOGO World Vacations retail brands. Flight Centre Travel Group also operates a variety of brands including StudentUniverse, FCM Travel Solutions, Corporate Traveler, ciEvents, Campus Travel, Stage & Screen, and Healthwise.

25 Travel Agencies Brand Name Ideas and Slogans

NoBrand Name IdeasSlogans Ideas
1FlyShoreWe’ll take your dreams there.
2FlyBoatLet Eagle Airlines take you on a flight with comfort
3EagleTravelsExperience the world. Let Eagle Flights make it happen.
4FlywaysFly with us
5The SkyThe Next Big Thing
6SkyLiteAll your travel needs under one roof.
7FunTripsonline travel agency
8TravelUpIt’s time to travel. Start now.
9BookNowYour Travel Website on Rails.
10Premium TravelWhere adventure begins.
11CrossroadsStart your journey with us
12TravelCoWe get you started on your big trip.
13Inbound Travelstart your journey
14YourTravelDestinations and advice for your travel.
15GlobetrottersHow far will you go (with us)?
16Travel EstatesWe love to travel
17TravelCentersThe right trip is what you want.
18GlobeMyTravelGlobe is a Travel Brand
19ExplorerGet lost with us.
20GoGoPath to your Travel Destination
21TimeTourLive your adventure.
22SpyMilesMakes adventure Travels a reality
23Travel ForwardLive your story no matter where you are.
24TraverseStellarLet’s find the place that makes your heaven.
25CyberTravelPlay and Make your adventure.

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