Unleash Your Brand’s Potential

Unleash Your Brand’s Potential

Complete Guide To Digital Marketing in South Korea
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If you want to grow your customer base in South Korea then this ebook is for you. It will teach you the basics of digital marketing that can help you market your business in South Korea.

Digital marketing in south korea

Complete Guide To Digital Marketing in South Korea​

As of today, Korean marketing strategy is making use of various digital platforms that are highly effective in reaching their target market. This strategy plays a major role in increasing brand visibility and performance. Korean culture is one of the most heavily influenced cultures in all of Asia. With a population of over 50 million people, Korean culture has had an immense impact on the world at large. That’s why in recent years, not only have we seen more and more K-pop groups coming to America but also many Korean TV dramas that are being translated into English for viewers to enjoy across the globe.

The South Korean Digital Ad market had total revenues of $3,927.7m in 2019, representing a compound annual growth rate of 27% between 2015 and 2019.

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Search Engines in South Korea

A search engine is a software program that allows people to find information about what they are looking for on the world wide web. There are only three countries in the world including South Korea that do not use Google as the default search engine. This is why there are fewer popular & commonly used search engines in Korea.

Launch your business in South Korea with Inquivix

As a foreign business or brand, you may not be familiar with the Korean digital landscape and consumer habits, however, the Inquivix team is headquartered in South Korea and specializes in providing Korean digital marketing services that will make you enter the market with impact.

We know the communication channels to use as well as the best strategies to establish your brand effectively and efficiently in the Korean market.

Digital marketing in south korea

Social Media Channels in South Korea

Korean marketing has continuously improved to meet the needs of the people of Korea. As a result, many Korean marketing strategies have been employed now and then. The integration of different social network services is one of them. Incorporating social media in Korean marketing has significantly enhanced the way advertisement is being appreciated in Korea. Here are the most used SNS in Korean marketing for the past few years:

Digital Marketing Strategy in South Korea

What's Included in this E-book

Digital marketing in south korea

Complete Understanding Search Engines in South Korea

South Korea has a unique digital usage when compared to other countries. For example, Naver gets most of its traffic from Google in South Korea because Naver is able to better understand Korean language and users prefer it over other search engines that can not process the tongue as well.
Digital marketing in south korea

Complete Understanding Social media channels In South Korea

Different social media platforms play an important role in Korean Marketing. They help Korean marketing in several ways. Additionally, they increase the chances of targeting the appropriate audience for a certain product.

Digital marketing in south korea

South Korea Audience Insight

South Korea is one of the best-connected countries in the world with the highest average internet speed worldwide. There were 49.21 million internet users in South Korea in January 2020 and it increased by 535 thousand (+1.1%) between the years 2019- 2020 (Datareportal).

Digital marketing in south korea

Challenges to market your business in South Korea

Apart from the benefits that SNS provides for Korean marketing, there are disadvantages as well. These challenges also affect the way SNS influences Korean marketing. In addition, these disadvantages vary depending on what kind of SNS is used. 

Digital Marketing Strategy in South Korea E-book